Pro-Am for Luke Tam

Pro-Am for Luke Tam

Greg Tam is a beloved former Head Coach, for 10 years, of the Chicago Mission and current Assistant GM of Fifth Third Ice Arena. Greg embraces all that is important to youth hockey, family, player, and team. He achieved this by giving the guidance required to flourish in athletics, academics and life on and off the ice. As a community we now have the opportunity to give back to Greg, Kimmy and Luke Daniel Tam. The Pro Am for Luke Tam is put together as a way to celebrate Luke Daniel Tam and all that he gave to Greg and Kimmy in his short, but surely loved life.

On October 24, 2018, Luke was born 3 months early at a gestational age of 27 weeks. Luke won many battles giving everyone a glimpse of his strength and miraculous effects of love. The doctors and nurses were able to keep Luke’s heart beating long enough for Greg and Kimmy to get to the hospital. He passed away in their arms shortly after, on December 23, 2018. Although it was not the life that was envisioned for him, they are so incredibly grateful to have had the chance to meet and love him.  The Jackson Chance Foundation granted the Tam family with a grant to pay for their parking while Luke was in the NICU. This grant ensured that Greg and Kimmy were able to be with Luke at all hours in the NICU

The PRO-AM for Luke Tam was put together as a way to Celebrate Luke Daniel Tam’s short life.  We hope to pay respects to Luke but also surround Greg and Kimmy with love, laughter, family, friends, and positive energy. The date for this Celebration is Friday, July 19th, 2019 5:30pm-9:30pm at Fifth Third Arena. We will be hosting a Pro-Am hockey game in Luke’s honor with Professional and Amateur Hockey Players.

THANK YOU for your donations!
Kathleen Oliver
Mike Simpson
Jimmy DeVito
Maegan Parent
Sam Ratty
Mary DeBartolo
Jackie Hautzinger
Ralph Vennetti
Matthew Barry
Nick & Lauren Ruggio
Jimmy Sieczka
Kenny Kwok
Anthony & Becky Look
Wallace Mak
Phillip Goebel (Lazy Susan\'s Cafe)
The Devine Family
Tim Anderson
Heidi Chan
Joe Caprio
Chris Gust (Wolverine)
Judith R Rizzo
Christian Dvorak
Mari de Saint Phalle
Sean Grady
The Phelan Family
Topher Scott
Anthony Cachey
Mike, Kris and Nicholas Chirillo
Marie Joy Ang
Bob and Alicia Nardella
Tim & Erin Mclaughlin (Real Estate)
Ryan Schiff (Lincoln Stars)
Todd/Angi Grant
Michael & Jennifer Kons (Chicago LIVE Title)
Peter and Susan Rutili
Janet & Nathan Michael
Ryan Gallante
Andrew LeFevour (Blackhawks)
Thomas Skattum
Kyleen & Brian Howe
Toni and Dave Pendergast
Kelly/Ray Owens
Spence Family
Joe Porcaro
Holly Berens
Erich Fear
Michal Pivonka
Keith & Diane Mizwicki
Leah Pascarella
Rosalia Ermitage
Mike Dorsch (NHL)
Jeff Siegel
Brian Coleman
Mark, Tracy and Gunnar Williams
Yvette Tam
Blake Wareham
Raymond Lee
Laura Jordan
Max Cavallini
Kristen Czocher
Veronica Willette
Dayna Fetzer
Craig Lillibridge
Linda and Rick Asta
Paul Goedjen
Kevin, Deb, & Brady Lindauer
Chris Varco
Jake Toporowski
Michael Fischer
Robert Matusiak
Janet & Nathan Michael
Frank & Allison Ottolino
Jenny Beamis
Matt & Jess Brooks
Jamie Stofcheck
Mike Floodstrand
Dan and Linda Dhooghe
Virgil Rutili
Erick Perez
Benjamin and Catherine Tam

Rosters to be filled with other Pro and Amateur players and can be updated at any time.  We will also host Chicago Blackhawks Private Locker Room Tours and offer Open skating.  The day’s events will raise money for The Tam family medical expenses and the Jackson Chance Foundation who so graciously helped the Tam Family in their hour of need.  Suggested Donation will be $5.00 and includes admission to the game, open skating and a Chicago Blackhawks Locker Room Tour.

  • Open Skating 5:30pm-6:50pm
  • PRO_AM Game 7:00pm-8:00pm
  • Open Skating 8:00-9:00pm
  • Locker Room Tour 5:30-9:00pm
  • Silent Auction to close at 9:30pm need not be present to win bid

A Silent Auction is also available at:

Donations to the silent auction are welcome (contact Leah)

We are a qualified 501c3 organization