Junior Players

We Take Great Pride in Advancing Our Players to the Next Level!

Chicago Mission Junior A Draftees

Jackson Bernard
Tendered – Chippewa Steel
Jacob Schlienz Tendered – Chippewa
Adam Szubert Tendered – Austin
Joseph Abate 4th round Springfield
Dylan Davies
4th round – Austin
John Johnson 6th round – Brookings
TJ Koufis 7th round – Brookings
Dylan Dent 12th round – Chippewa
Camden Thiesing 15th round – Chippewa

Wyatt Schingoethe 1st round tender – Waterloo
Kyle Aucoin 3rd round – Tri City
Matthew Basgall 5th round – Tri City
Jack Horbach 7th round – Madison
James Doyle 7th round – Waterloo
Max Itagaki 9th round – Lincoln
Will Bowman 10th round – Lincoln
Hank Kempf 10th round – Muskegan
Thomas Farrell 4th round – Youngstown
Evan Fear 4th round – Green Bay
Camden Thiesing 9th round – Green Bay
Anton Sorensen 17th round – Fargo

Draft USHL 2017

Draft OHL 2017

Draft NAHL 2017