Mission Teams Heading back to Nationals

Chicago Mission sending an unprecedented 7 teams to USA Hockey National Championships, representing Illinois in every division possible at the Tier 1 level. The Girls 16U, Girls 19U, Boys 14U and Boys 18U won the Central District Playoffs outright this past weekend to advance to Nationals. The Girls 14U, Boys 15U and Boys 16U received at large bids based on their strong performances throughout the season to round out the tournament field.
Congratulations to the players and coaches for their efforts and continued success in a few weeks.

Locations for USA Hockey Nationals are Marlboro MA for Girls 14U, 16U and 19U; Charlotte NC for Boys 14U; Plymouth MI for Boys 15U and Philadelphia PA for Boys 16U and 18U. The tournament runs from April 5th thru April 10th

BOYS           GIRLS

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