Mission Alum Turcotte Makes his NHL Debut

Congratulations Alex on your first NHL game.

As officially official as we can say things are right now, forward Alex Turcotte is expected to make his NHL debut this evening against the Vegas Golden Knights. The moment is one that Turcotte has waited his entire life for, and one that would have likely come sooner had an injury not derailed a callup set for earlier this season.

“I’m pretty excited, it’s a dream come true, it’s something I’ve been looking forward to since I was a little kid,” Turcotte said, earlier this morning. “I’ve worked really hard, but I’m really thankful for my family for helping me get to this point, a lot of the reason I’m here is because of them, so this night is for them as well. I’m just really looking forward to getting out there.”   MORE...

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