Hockey Training at home without the ice.

Mission coach Christian Hmura giving free zoom skill classes. Attracting players from 20 different States and Canada with players jumping on from as far away as Vancouver to Ottawa.


CHICAGO (CBS) — The kids are stuck inside during the coronavirus stay-at-home order when they want to be out playing sports and sharpening their skills – so what’s a parent to do?

Some trainers and coaches are turning to the Internet b to offer virtual classes and drills for free.

CBS 2 Morning Insider Tim McNicholas reported Wednesday on this unique way young athletes can stay active.

Christian Hmura is used to training kids on ice at rinks across the Chicago area. But now, he is training kids across the country through a live video conference.

“Just kind of converted over to the things you can do in either your basement or your driveway and just staying extremely relevant to our on-ice training,” Hmura said.

Hmura is the founder of HHD Hockey, a hockey school based in Hinsdale. He usually teaches no more than 25 kids at a time.

Now hundreds are tuning in, and not just the regulars.

“I’m 8 years old. I’m from Toronto, Canada, and I love these Zoom sessions,” one participant said.

Connie Eiler’s boys join the Zoom meetings from Lisle a few times a week. They usually pay for Hmura’s training, but now, it’s free.

“It definitely helps us from a parenting standpoint – gives them something to do, works off some of that energy,” Eiler said.

But Hmura is sticking to the puck, ice or not.

“I think it was extremely important to not stress anyone financially, and allow them kind of an escape from what was going on,” Hmura said.

Now when the rinks open back up, the goalies might notice a little extra torque.

You can sign up for Hmura’s classes at There’s one on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

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