Blackhawks prospect Alex Vlasic took a ‘huge, huge step’ this season.

Blackhawks defenseman prospect and Mission Alum ALEX VLASIC took a ‘huge, huge step’ this season.

The Athletic  - Scott Powers
March 25, 2021

Alex Vlasic just loves watching what Boston University defense partner David Farrance does with the puck.

Vlasic sits back in awe as Farrance maneuvers with it, decides when to pass it, shoot it and sometimes even basically says, forget you all, I’m going to take this puck myself.

Vlasic has picked up pointers from the way Farrance plays. It’s definitely benefited him to be alongside Farrance at BU the past two years. At the same time, Vlasic knows his limitations.

“I played with Jack Hughes, I played with a lot of guys, and I think David Farrance is in the top three with how confident he is with the puck,” Vlasic said. “He won’t pass it if he thinks he can do something better with the puck. That’s cool to see and learn from it and take that into my game. Obviously, I don’t think I have quite the ability as him. I might get yelled at the end of the day if I try any of that stuff he gets away with. It’s something I’m trying to get better at. Just trust in my skating, trust in my abilities. It pays off for sure.”  MORE...


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