Fall Registration 2020-21 (Goodman Elite)

2020 - 2021



    1. All training sessions will start at the designated times. Any athletes not present at the start of the training session will not be allowed to participate in that day’s training without proper notification. Tardy athletes need to be brought in by a coach.
    2. Athletes must wear proper athletic attire. Dedicated inside training shoes only permitted.
    3. No food, drinks, or gum allowed inside the facility. Water breaks will be given when appropriate.
    4. No outside chalk, rosin, or tack allowed inside the facility.
    5. No recreational ball of any type in the facility.
    6. Proper replacement of equipment in designated locations and in accordance with Goodman Elite Training’s standard presentation is required.
    7. Athletes are expected to pay attention when coaches are giving instruction and execute drills in a purposeful and diligent manner. Any disruptive behavior may end the team’s training session for that day. Teams/athletes are responsible for each other and their opportunity to train at Goodman Elite Training.
    8. Athletes are only allowed inside of the facility during times agreed upon with Goodman Elite Training and when Goodman Elite Training coaches are present.
    9. Disrespect toward Goodman Elite Training staff, other athletes, or anyone not present will exclude that athlete from that day’s training session. This includes the use of foul or derogatory language or actions.
    10. Athletes/Teams are liable for any damage resulting from not adhering to these rules and expectations.
    11. Goodman Elite Training staff has the right to end training sessions for any reason at any time.

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